Special Interest Groups


The Benvenuto Club encourages members to form special interest groups based on shared passions. Our current special interest groups are:  Book Club, Burraco Group, Choir Club, Garden Group, Italian Culture Group, Language Exchange, Mahjong for Fun Group, Musical Musings Group, Orientals Abroad and Tennis Group.

New in January 2019, a group is starting called Club of the Cinephiles. This club is addressed to all movie lovers who would like to spend an evening or afternoon with their Benvenuto peers. We will organize at least one session a month for movies in Original Version, but once you have subscribed to the group, everybody may place suggestions and proposals for a movie outing. We also hope we can tie it up to an aperitif or lunch for more enjoyment.  If you want to subscribe to the group send a message to benvenutoactivities@yahoo.com indicating your name and telephone number.

Of course, if you have a hobby or an area of interest that isn’t included in the above ask around, talk to others, write about it for the magazine, create some interest. Then start a new group and have some fun!


Mahjong anyone?