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Who We Are

The Club was established in 1967 by a handful of visionary women (American, British and Italian) who saw the need to help English speaking newcomers to Milan settle into their new home. It remains a self-governing, nonprofit, apolitical, non-commercial organization that depends on the time and creativity of its membership to thrive. Currently, our membership is over 276 women from over 48 countries, however through the years thousands of women have enjoyed the Club’s hospitality during their stay in Milan. There are many good reasons to contribute your energy and effort to the Benvenuto Club of Milan, lots to do and enjoy; check out the rest of the website, then come find or contact us.



Rachele Rutili

My name is Rachele Rutili, I’m Italian with a short experience of living abroad. First, in Argentina when I was 17 years old and later in Hungary, just a couple of years ago. These two international experiences made me aware of the incredible richness of the world in terms of adopting different points of view, cultures, habits and backgrounds. Coming back to Italy, I decided to join the Benvenuto club, to continue to be part of the international community. I have a University degree in Economics and I used to work for a Publishing Company. Now, I’m running my newborn small company (that has a great future!). I have spent the main part of my life in Rome where I met Roberto, my husband, and where my two boys were born. Milan is quite a new city for me too, which I would love to discover and enjoy with all my Benvenuto friends.
Vice President

Maria Virginia Osuna

My name is Maria Virginia Osuna. Me and my husband are Venezuelan-Italian living in Milan since March 2019, and we have two daughters and a granddaughter living in the UK. I am a business consultant who has had the experience of working and living not only in Venezuela, but also in London. I joined Benvenuto Club to continue to be part of an international community and in the search for assistance during our establishment in our new lives here in Milan. Benvenuto has given me even more! It has given me excellent support and the opportunity to learn about living in Italy and, most importantly, make new friends that have given me and my husband warmth and companionship. For that, I am very thankful to the Club. I'm very excited to join the Board and look forward to giving my best and keep strengthening relationships with this great community of women.
Membership Director

Eva Stock

Hi, I’m Eva Stock. Originally I’m American, but I’ve lived in Brussels for a year followed by 30 years in London. My husband is Italian and we have two adult sons who live in London and New York. We moved to Milan in January 2021 and initially I found life in Milan very difficult – it was just after Brexit and during a full lockdown. But then I found Benvenuto Club and everything changed for the better! Professionally I have done many different things, initially working in financial services, then in the relocation industry and most recently I retrained to be an English language teacher. Given the extremely warm welcome that I received from Benvenuto, I’m very excited to join the board as Membership Director and look forward to welcoming new members and forging stronger relationships with the wonderful women who continue to make this club what it is.

Luciana Fioretti

My name is Luciana Fioretti Callieri, but everyone calls me “Lussi”! Much easier to introduce myself with my nickname. I am Italian and I am an Italian Teacher. I have an University Bachelor and Master degree in Italian language and literature and a Master in teaching Italianas a foreign language from the University of Siena. I also obtained a Master in Consulting Image at MBA Academy in Milan. I lived for 25 years abroad: Puertorico, USA, Canada, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand and now I’ve been in Milan for 5 years. I speak Spanish, English, Italian. I studied Turkish, Arabic, Thai, French but all with bad results! I love Interior Design, arts, photography, traveling, parties... I am married and I have a 16 year old daughter. With my experience of living abroad I understand the difficulties people face in a new country and culture. Therefore I’d love to help anyone that arrived in Milan. This year I coordinated the much loved group Parliamo Italiano with very success! The Benvenuto Club helps and supports me since I arrived especially because Milan is not my home town and now I want to help the Club and the Newcomers! Welcome to our place!

Camille Mason

Hi, I’m Camille Mason from San Francisco, California. I have lived in Milan for 2 years, with a break in between when we returned to the US. I am now happy to be back in Milan indefinitely, finding my way as an expat, with the support of the amazing women of Benvenuto. I live in Porta Venezia with my husband and daughter, who attends ASM. The Benvenuto Club has been an invaluable anchor for me as a newcomer and I love meeting new people and hearing their diverse stories.
As a new member of the board, I look forward to being a more active part of this community of dynamic women who make living in Milan all the better.

Ralitsa Uzunova

My name is Ralitsa Uzunova and I come from Bulgaria. I’ve lived in Milan for more than 5 years, together with my family: my husband, also Bulgarian, three children and a Jack Russel dog. We lived in Moscow for three years before moving to Milan. I am a Public Relations specialist and have worked in a 5-star hotel in Sofia – a dynamic and interesting job, especially the part where I met celebrities. I had to quit working to follow my husband in his professional career but now I work remotely for the family dental clinic in Sofia and I’m searching for new opportunities here in Milan. I love books, running and outdoor training, hiking, wine and cheese.
After 5 years here and especially during the COVID period, I started to feel at home in Milan and I hope Benvenuto will help me in making new friends here and enjoying life more.
Special Activities Director

Elena Bernardi

Born and grew up in the outskirts of Milan, Brugherio, where I currently live with my sons and husband, I was fortunate to spend almost fifteen years out of the BelPaese exploring new cultures and enriching my personal and social life. After my degree in Media Communication in Milan at IULM, I started my career in the hospitality industry in the Caribbean Islands (Cuba and Dominican Republic) and I returned to Milan and worked for the Italian Association of Logistics AILOG, managing events and communications. Then the family’s chapter started and thanks to my husband’s international assignments, our global nomad life began: Sofia, Paris, The Hague, New Delhi, Dubai, London: these are the places we called home for a while. Now I am happily back in Italy and happier to be part of our vibrant international club. It is an honor now to join our enthusiastic board and organize and discover with our members new activities offered by our bustling city and territory. Besides this, I like dancing from Latina American to Indian dandya, practicing kundalini yoga and body combat, cooking Italian and vegan food, designing interiors and I’m never too tired for travelling.
PR Event Director

Estefania Salado

My name is Estefania Salado, and I am from Madrid, Spain. When we were living in Madrid, my husband came up to me one day (it was about 8 years ago) and told me that we were moving to Boston, US. Then, three years later, after the beautiful and amazing experience in the US, he returned from work one day and announced to me that we would be relocating to Milan, Italy. We are now living here for four years. We’ve been in Milan since then, and we are very comfortable and happy in this city. Being part of the Club help me to create new friends. I’m telling you this because I know how difficult it is for a woman to travel to a new country. This Club is designed to assist anyone who is starting a new life in Milan. I am a proud mother of three children, psychologist and a Spanish teacher who works in the American school of Milan.

Marian Farago

My long life has been quite varied, and as I entitled one of my books, it was in three parts: Hungary, America and Italy. I only discovered a taste for writing after I retired from my long career in the computer field, but I’ve always been a big reader – my biggest pleasure in life, so I even enjoy proofreading… For a few years I was Editor of the Benvenuto Varese magazine and loved it! It’ll be nice to contribute something useful to this one too, where several of my articles were already published in this first year that I’ve been a member, after 20 years of activity in Varese. Now that I’m settling again in Milan, I’ll dedicate my time as Editor to this Club and to the wonderful friends I’m making here, forming a sort of substitute family!
Community Services

Giusi Capelli

Hi, my name is Giusy, I am an Italian lady with a strong international background.
I am married to Alberto and mom of two girls, Martina 18 and Beatrice 15.
We also have a sweet dog named Charlotte.
After many years abroad, (London, Lausanne, Vilnius and Stockholm) we came back to Italy during the pandemic and for some reason we landed in Milan, that is not home for any of us.
It was tough in the beginning, but entering the Benvenuto club was like taking a breath of fresh air and exactly what I needed to feel at home (incredible, huh?).
This is why I have decided to serve the 2023/2024 board as Community Services Director.
For four years in Lithuania I covered a similar position and I recall those as the best years of my life where I discovered my passion for philanthropy.With your help and support, I hope next year will be successful and I wish for it to be enjoyable but more than anything, fun

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